Shimadzu has announced the release of its LCMS-8045 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for laboratories that perform demanding routine quantitative analyses in such areas as food safety and environmental testing. This gives labs an optimum balance of sensitivity, robustness, and cost-effectiveness.

The triple quadrupole LCMS-8045 is the workhorse instrument in the Shimadzu LC-MS/MS lineup, designed to be analyzing samples around the clock. The heated ESI probe, high-temperature heating block, heated desolvation line, drying gas, and focusing optics all act to maximize sensitivity while minimizing contamination. This means continuous operation in the laboratory with reliable data collection, even for complex matrices like biological fluids or foods.

LCMS-8045 features a modified ion sampling device and collision cell technology, which results in greater efficiency and high quantitative accuracy and reliability. In addition, the ion source features a cable-less, tubeless housing and the desolvation capillary can be replaced without breaking vacuum. This leads to increased durability, easier maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership.

The LCMS-8045 can be upgraded to the high-sensitivity LCMS-8060 if new challenges or applications requiring higher sensitivity arise. The LCMS-8060 is a featured product on our sister site, Food Safety Connect

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