Walmart Stores Inc., along with the Walmart Foundation, will invest $25 million to aid with food safety research in China. The retailer is placing more focus on this market to combat recent challenges brought about by various food safety scandals, the prominence of online shopping, and unfamiliarity with what Chinese consumers want.

The investment will be spread over 5 years and will support food safety research in the areas of applied science, education and communications.

“By bringing together the best food safety thinkers from across the food ecosystem, from farmers to suppliers, retailers to policy regulators, we’ll accelerate food safety awareness and help make Chinese families safer and healthier,” says Walmart CEO Doug McMillon.

Walmart made the announcement at a briefing held in Beijing where the company also launched the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center, a hub aimed at utilizing both local and international food safety research. Specifically, the center researches foodborne illness and new solutions for China’s food supply chain.

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