PURE Bioscience, Inc. has announced that Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. has adopted PURE® Hard Surface disinfectant as a food safety solution to eliminate and prevent Norovirus and other viruses and bacteria in all 2,100+ of its store locations nationwide.

Chipotle adopted PURE Hard Surface disinfectant in part because of its unique, nontoxic Silver Dihydrogen Citrate-based solution providing superior efficacy in eliminating and preventing Norovirus and other pathogens. PURE Hard Surface disinfectant is being used by Chipotle on surfaces that come in contact with food in both the front and back of the restaurant, as well as other areas susceptible to contamination by bacteria and viruses.

“We are proud that PURE Hard Surface disinfectant is playing an important role in Chipotle’s state of the art sanitation procedures. From the outset, our goal has been to protect people and protect a company’s brand. Our SDC-based antimicrobial solution solves an immediate need for increased food safety by providing a uniquely effective, environmentally responsible solution.” says Hank R. Lambert, CEO of PURE.

Chipotle’s use of PURE Hard Surface is part of the food chain’s new and improved food safety program recently covered by media outlets, including Food Safety Magazine.