UK Pet Food, previously known as Pet Food Manufacturers' Association, has announced its new raw pet food production certification, alongside the adoption of a new name for the organization. UK Pet Food is an association for pet food manufacturers, suppliers, and the wider industry, which works to advance pet food safety and quality.

Developed by independent certification scheme experts at KIWA, UK Pet Food’s Raw Pet Food Certification Scheme serves as a tool to support the safe production of commercial raw pet food. While the development of the standard was initiated by UK Pet Food’s 17 commercial raw pet food members, it has garnered full support of the association’s wider membership.  

The scope of the scheme includes plant design and maintenance, supplier assurance, safe product formulation, full traceability systems, safe handling, quality checks, microbiological testing, an internal auditing program, Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), staff training, and labeling compliance.  

The certification scheme is based on a comprehensive standard, encompassing all aspects of hygiene and feed safety. It applies to the entire process from the selection of raw materials to the finished goods. UK Pet Food expresses that its partnership with KIWA was critical to the credibility and success of the scheme. KIWA is well known in the agrifood sector, and has previously developed other highly regarded schemes.

UK Pet Food Safety and Standards: