Invisible Sentinel, Inc. has announced the introduction of vinoPAL--a new product for preserving wine quality.

Built on the company's signature Veriflow® platform, vinoPAL rapidly identifies the presence of spoilage organisms Pediococcus and Lactobacillus. The arrival of vinoPAL is a response to winemakers' request for a rapid, on-site detection tool for these spoilage organisms that can contribute to sluggish fermentations. Utilizing the same equipment and workflow as the flagship vinoBRETT test for Brettanomyces, this new assay expands winemakers' ability to respond to issues and manage quality proactively at the winery.

"This year has been about expanding our product portfolio to directly meet the needs of our established client partners," says Invisible Sentinel CEO Nicholas A. Siciliano, Ph.D. "We're hearing their concerns and addressing them head-on, with the entire industry in mind."

As harvest season approaches, winemakers have a heightened awareness of the potential for undesirable bacteria to enter the winery undetected. vinoPAL is a proactive measure for anticipating the financial impact of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, and is sensitive even at low thresholds in juice and young wines. Proactive management of spoilage organisms saves time and money, and most importantly - preserves the value of wine.

"Identifying the presence of Lactobacillus as soon as possible is a critical concern for me," says Eric Baugher, vice president of winemaking at Ridge Vineyards in Cupertino, CA. "This organism can multiply rapidly, and before you know it the fermentation can become sluggish, with possibility of high volatile acidity being formed. Early detection with vinoPAL will allow us to intervene quickly and prevent the loss of wine quality."