The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Foods and Veterinary Medicine Program (FVM) has unveiled a Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2016-2025 that outlines goals and objectives for the next 10 years.     

Over the next decade, FVM plans to tackle the following challenges in relation to food safety:

  • Persistent foodborne illness
  • Increasing globalization and complexity of the food and feed supply
  • Rapid advances in science and technology that pose both challenges and opportunities for achieving our public health goals
  • High expectations for all of our activities among the consuming public, the industry, Congress, and a wide range of other important stakeholders

The 30 page plan goes into great detail about the agency’s plans for food safety as well as nutrition, animal health and organizational excellence through 2025. This includes a visual framework with objectives and outcomes for each area.

Beyond FSMA implementation, the FVM Program Strategic Plan for FY 2016–2025 provides greater focus on important public health goals and objectives in the areas of nutrition and chemical safety that will drive us toward our vision of protecting and enhancing the health of people and animals. Organizational excellence will remain a central strategic priority for our program to make the best use of all available resources and to continue to invest in our workforce. 

The FDA’s Strategic Plan can be downloaded at

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