Founded by a group of California Central Valley grape growers in 1973, Styrotek has been focused on developing the most effective table grape packaging system available for more than 40 years. Utilizing expanded polystyrene (EPS), Styrotek’s specially designed grape boxes protect and prolong the storage time of the grapes so they arrive field fresh and juicy to the grocers’ aisle.

The durability of Styrotek’s EPS containers ensures that the fruit has an extra measure of cushioning against impact during transit. Grapes are packed in the field, moved into cold storage and then shipped to customers with minimal additional contact that could damage the product. EPS also provides highly effective thermal insulation, limiting temperature variability while allowing the grapes to remain in cold storage for up to four weeks before transporting with no loss of quality.

Styrotek’s packaging also reduces moisture loss and prevents bacterial growth.  Styrotek’s grape boxes are available in three sizes ranging in volume from 1,270 cubic inches to 1,463 cubic inches. The empty containers weight approximately 1 pound, making them very easy to use for field laborers without slivers, nails, staples or sharp edges that can cause injuries. Designated by Resin Identification Code “6” polystyrene is recyclable and meets five of the criteria for sustainable packaging based on the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s definitions.

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