Vermont’s pending law that will require food manufacturers to label their foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has prompted yet another food giant to get a head start: ConAgra Foods Inc. The company says that it will begin adding GMO labels to applicable food products by the time the law goes into effect on July 1, 2016.

Like other companies that have recently made similar announcements, ConAgra believes that labeling their products that have GMO ingredients is the easiest way to comply with Vermont’s law.

Within the past week, Mars Inc., Kellogg’s and General Mills all announced that they, too, have begun the process of GMO package labeling. Campbell’s Soup made their announcement in January.

Although these companies compete with each other in many food categories, they have much in common when it comes to the subject of GMO labeling. They have all opted to launch new packaging as a nationwide effort, seeing that the implementation of separate packaging just for Vermont distribution would be far too costly and complex. Some of the companies have voiced support for a national GMO labeling standard as opposed to multiple state laws to abide by.

The GMO labeling debate in Congress still looms. Lawmakers are weighing a number of options for food manufacturers--the current practice of food packaging labels, making GMO product information available solely online, or making the disclosure of GMO details entire voluntary.

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