Thermo Scientific's Vanquish™ ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) system addresses the needs of chromatographers performing state-of-the art UHPLC, within a single integrated, yet flexible platform, while meeting the throughput demands of modern laboratories. The system is designed to offer:

  • Better separations - The Vanquish system improves specs on all fronts, supporting higher back-pressures, better thermostatting, optimized volumes, improved linearity and more sensitivity for critical separations, according to the company.
  • More results - Users can regain time during their projects. Vanquish UHPLC improves analysis speed, increases sample capacity, and has improved robustness.
  • Easier interaction - Vanquish UHPLC has an optimized design and automation features and works with the operational simplicity of Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System software.

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