IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group has joined more than 25 other companies and institutions as a Sustaining Partner of the American Meat Science Association (AMSA). For over 50 years, AMSA has relied on support from partners to maintain its ability to offer community and professional development programs and opportunities for individuals in the field of meat science. AMSA’s Sustaining Partners program recognizes the organizations and institutions that provide significant financial and logistical contributions for AMSA products and services.

IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group is focused on supporting public health through routine analytical support in microbiology and chemistry, process control monitoring, risk assessment, food safety education and training, and food safety program development. These services are facilitated by experts in the fields of microbiology, food science, regulatory support, crisis management, process assessment, and food production facility operations.

“This partnership builds upon our mission, with all our Sustaining Partners, to explore new opportunities as we continue to enrich AMSA’s programs," said Thomas Powell, AMSA executive director. "We are excited to welcome IEH Laboratories and Consulting Group to AMSA’s Sustaining Partner program."

IEH customizes process control monitoring for food manufactures to determine the status of the process and alert the manufacturer of trends of increasing risk. IEH also conducts various types of in-plant and laboratory based validation studies to identify the level of confidence in the food safety system. IEH has over 95 laboratories in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and England.

“IEH is proud to partner with the American Meat Science Association," said Mohammad Koohmaraie Ph.D., CEO of the Meat Division of IEH. "IEH and AMSA support the meat industry through scientific research and technology development aimed at solving food safety concerns in the industry and helping our constituents provide safe food to their customers. We especially support AMSA because we believe a strong, independent, and science-based voice is needed on many critical issues. AMSA has been that independent and scientific voice.” .

The Sustaining Partnership program enables companies and institutions to acknowledge and further align under a common goal to foster the principles of meat science and technology. AMSA's Sustaining Partners have enhanced programs such as student development, scientific information outreach, and building the global network of meat science professionals. The program includes five levels of partnership – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.