Morgan Advanced Materials’ Seals and Bearings business highlights their pump components applicable to variety of applications and industries. Morgan offers a selection of high performance axial and radial bearings, seal face components, rotors and vanes, in a range of sizes and compositions. The pump components are manufactured from specialized formulations of carbon/graphite and silicon carbide materials, giving them superior tribological and wear characteristics.

The components are all chemically inert, dimensionally stable products and are used in applications in the aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, healthcare, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, food and industrial sectors. The application of Morgan’s engineered materials to a customer’s design is an excellent addition to any pumping solution.

Morgan engineers have extensive experience in developing high-performance pump components and are experts in working closely with customers to tailor solutions to specific end-use scenarios. These efficiently-produced, custom-made components are machined to solve unique challenges in the most demanding of environments.

Morgan Advanced Materials