Maxwell Chase (, a CSP Technologies Inc. company specializing in extending freshness and enhancing food safety with packaging solutions for the food industry, will debut SeaWell Seafood Trays, an active packaging solution that extends the shelf life of seafood, at Seafood Expo North America in Boston, March 11-13. Maxwell Chase will be located at Booth #1487.

The patent-pending SeaWell seafood trays feature integrated absorbent technology incorporated into wells at the bottom of trays to absorb excess fluids. This technology reduces exposure to fluids and lessens potential damage to seafood products. The packaging system increases freshness and visual appeal, absorbs odors, and enhances safety.

SeaWell trays are available in a signature blue color and a variety of sizes. The trays significantly extend shelf life for fresh seafood, in many cases by up to 50 percent or greater, states the company. The shelf life of frozen seafood also is extended; here, products can be packed frozen and then thawed in the same package maintaining product integrity, with resulting fluids absorbed in the tray’s wells – invisible to consumers, who enjoy a pristine product. 

Automation-friendly for high-speed production environments, the trays offer clear visibility of the packed product, promoting the exchange of authentic product and representing a ‘case-to-cook’ solution for easy execution in industrial kitchens.

“Quite simply, the new SeaWell seafood trays have the potential to revolutionize the seafood industry,” said Neal Watson, general manager for Maxwell Chase. “They represent a game-changing technological breakthrough offering superior product protection for customers’ high-value seafood products. The result is extended market reach, enhanced brand recognition and improved consumer experiences.”