This slick award winning device attaches easily to any standard hand washing sink faucet to ensure your staff rinse, lather and wash their hands for the full 20 seconds recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and taught in food handlers and health code courses nationwide to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria. The SaniTimer® automatically begins a 30-second countdown—the extra 10 seconds account for an individual's preferred hand-wash prep—shown on an easy-to-read LED display as soon as the water is turned on. At the end of the cycle, the SaniTimer® beeps to alert the hand washing user and resets itself to 30 seconds for the next person. The device works with pedal sinks as well as hands-free sinks for ease of installment and operation with your existing system.  

The SaniTimer® is a simple and straight-forward, yet very effective tool in food service as statistics show that improper hand hygiene timing could account for up to 84% of food poisoning in food service establishments. The truth is as infectious as the negative results of poor hand hygiene and your employees, customers, and staff should know that this is a priority for you in your establishment.                    

Zachary Eddy, the inventor and patent holder is a professional chef of over 15 years and worked in countless commercial kitchens around the country and was constantly a witness to poor hand hygiene standards. Eddy says, "Food service staff have a lot on their plate but this is one step they can’t afford to overlook and is crucial to a quality product and experience. There has to be an effortless way to make sure health code regulations actually get adhered to each and every time to stop the spread of bacteria." And then he invented the SaniTimer®.                   

The SaniTimer® is the most effective and low-cost way to raise hand hygiene compliance and awareness in your facility today, period! When it comes to quality control, clean hands should be at the top of the list and the SaniTimer® creates a great habit in a professional setting.

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