While the roles of people working in food safety may vary, they face a common concern: how to provide adequate, safe and nutritious food with increasingly limited resources. Economic challenges have led to leaner workforces and cuts in government funding. Climate change is affecting patterns of contamination. Plus, population growth is increasing consumption.         

We are here to help. In this issue of Food Safety Insider, we describe the variety of resources that Thermo Fisher Scientific™ offers to those who are tasked with keeping food safe:

•    Our people, like veteran scientist Jim Chang, Ph.D., who works closely with government agencies around the world to develop cutting-edge methods for food safety testing

•    Innovative products that allow our customers to accomplish their goals more efficiently

•    Specialized expertise through Centers of Excellence that offer support with specific food safety challenges

•    Comprehensive information and data management for food traceability

•    Complementary support via a range of educational resources, convenient services and business solutions  

We’re food people, and we invite you to share your biggest challenges with us. We also invite you to join us in supporting Seeding Labs, a non-profit organization doing great work to help equip scientists and labs in developing regions (see story).

Dan Shine, President
Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry