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Food Safety Summit: Food Fraud Prevention – Introduction, Implementation, and Management

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October 26, 2020
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The Food Safety Summit continued on Wednesday, October 21, with a session entitled “Food Fraud Prevention – Introduction, Implementation, and Management.”

Speakers included Roy Fenoff, PhD, assistant professor, Military College of South Carolina, and John Spink, PhD, instructor, Michigan State University.

Spink spoke first, bringing up a variety of topics, including the science and sciences of food fraud prevention, which include social science, business, and food. He also mentioned the Organic Fraud Prevention Solutions (OFPS) program, run by the Organic Trade Association (OTA).

He posed the question: “Is COVID-19 a food fraud risk?” Even though our pandemic “new normal” is becoming “normal,” companies are still required to provide safe and legal products, Spink said.

He also reminded the audience that the definition of food fraud is “intentional deception for economic gain using food.”

Fenoff spoke about how sometimes, opportunities among the supply chain become greater. He also took a look at situational crime prevention, and types of counterfeiters, including those who commit food document fraud.

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