Company: Rite-Hite


Equipment Snapshot: Dock safety, cargo security and cold chain integrity are more important to industrial facilities than ever before. Recognizing this, Rite-Hite is offering a system of products that work together to create a “drive-through” dock application—a set-up that is considered the gold standard for all three.

In a drive-through application, tractor-trailer rigs back up to the loading dock with their doors closed. When the trailer is secured to the dock, the dock door opens, the trailer’s security seal is broken and the doors are then opened into the building. This prevents limits opportunities for tampering and exposure to outside elements and contaminants that could degrade the cargo or break the cold chain.

Drive-through applications require a vertical leveler, like Rite-Hite’s RHV-4100 Vertical-Storing Hydraulic Dock Leveler. The RHV features a constant-radius rear hinge to create a smooth transition between the leveler and the warehouse floor to minimize the effects of whole body vibration (or “dock shock”), while a two-point crown control on the front lip hinge distributes the load evenly. For added safety, the RHV is a power-up/power-down unit that requires constant pressure on the controls to keep the operator in control of leveler movement. Removing pressure from the “raise” or “lower” buttons immediately stops movement of the leveler. The lip can also be extended or retracted at any time during the leveler cycle.

And because the RHV stores vertically, it allows for easy, routine pit cleaning or full wash-down. Additionally, in its stored position, it acts as a visual/physical barrier helping prevent potentially dangerous loading dock accidents and door damage.

Another critical part of the drive-through application is dock shelter that is compatible with vertical levelers, like Rite-Hite’s Eclipse NH. In a single piece of equipment, the Eclipse shelter provides a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top, and at the corners, minimizing gaps that can allow contaminants to enter and energy to escape. It features an exclusive double-seal technology along the sides of the trailer, which produces a tighter, more consistent seal along trailer sides than ordinary shelters. Side curtains are built with high-strength Durathon fabric, which has a friction-resistant surface that battles wear.

Along the top of the trailer, an exclusive weighted head curtain applies over 100 pounds of pressure across the full width of the trailer top to keep the curtain in constant contact with the trailer during loading and unloading. At the top corners, the Eclipse’s side curtains and weighted header work together to seal gaps that ordinary shelters don’t address, while innovative fabric corner pockets connect sides to top.

Below and around the dock leveler, Rite-Hite’s exclusive PitMaster under-leveler sealing system provides a barrier against environmental infiltration on the exterior of the dock. Meanwhile, lip corner seals, filler pads and other components block gaps on the inside of the dock. Working together, the Eclipse shelter and PitMaster systems provide the industry’s only complete, four-sided seal at the loading dock.

The final piece of Rite-Hite’s drive-through application is the exclusive Dok-Lok SHR 5000, which uses a patented “shadow hook” to secure intermodal container chassis and trailers with rear-impact guard obstructions, as well as traditional trailers. The universal design of the SHR-5000 is intended to meet the evolving needs of loading dock operators and the rise in intermodal container traffic, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in industries that prefer a drive-through application for safety and security reasons.

When the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is activated, the hook attempts to wrap around the rear-impact guard. If the hook comes in contact with a rear-impact guard obstruction, the shadow hook pivots to secure the trailer in place. If the trailer moves, the shadow hook locks in the safety stop, which helps prevent a wide variety of trailer separation accidents. In addition to safely securing the widest amount of trailers and intermodal containers, the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is a physical theft deterrent and can interface directly with security systems to help prevent trailer theft.

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