METER Food, a provider of water activity and moisture content measurement solutions, is now Aqualab. The rebranding comes as part of a strategic reorganization by METER Group, which has consolidated its food tech and agritech entities under a new holding company, Addium.

This transition empowers Aqualab to continue its rapid expansion while bolstering an overall focus on data intelligence, science, software, and sensors.

Demand for water activity meters in the food and beverage industry is rising as precision scientific instruments play a significant role in food safety, quality assurance, formulation, and packaging. In addition to detecting the presence of microbial contaminants, measuring water activity is one the most accurate means of predicting product shelf-life and provides insights for sustainable packaging efforts.

Top food companies such as such as Hostess, Kemin, Clif, Arkopharma, and Thorne own and use Aqualab devices.

Aqualab maintains a global presence with offices in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia, complemented by an extensive distributor network. The company offers a suite of solutions including moisture content analysis, isotherm generators, drying optimization software, food formulation software, sensory analysis, and research and development consulting.

The rebranding includes a revamped website that serves as a central hub for industry insights, case studies, and resources.