Provision Analytics’ cloud food safety software has been approved by DNV, ASI Food Safety, and QIMA/WQS for use in blended audits, making it an official platform for food companies to share documentation for remote review.

DNV, ASI, and QIMA/WQS are certification that conduct audits for more than 50,000 food companies annually. Their auditing solutions are approved by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized certification schemes, government entities, and major food retailers. With staff spanning more than 100 countries, they have been adopted by client operations spanning farm-to-fork, from small regional operations to international firms such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Kroger.

Provision is a cloud software platform that enables food companies to streamline record-keeping for food safety and quality assurance. Its offering is tailored to small- and mid-sized operations that require highly usable and flexible solutions to digitize their documentation. By unlocking clear and timely data, food companies can not only save time and risk in audits, but also generate insight for process control.

Achieving significant adoption across North America, Provision clients started contacting certification bodies to request its formal approval, noting flexible reporting that simplifies data retrieval for remote review.

Demand for digital solutions and hybrid audits has surged in recent years. Following GFSI’s landmark approval during COVID-19, food companies could have their documentation reviewed remotely, limiting auditors’ on-site time to only a premises inspection. This blended approach reduces auditors’ travel costs as well as audit-related downtime in food facilities. With the added efficiency of digital searches and summaries, remote documentation review is affording clients and auditors notable savings in time and money.