A new, enhanced British Lion Code of Practice for eggs has been launched. Version 8 of the Lion Code incorporates the latest scientific and veterinary advice and industry expertise to ensure British Lion eggs continue to be produced to the highest standards of food safety.

The enhanced code covers more than 700 auditable points from Salmonella vaccination to complete traceability of hens, eggs, and feed, and includes enhanced sampling and testing; auditing and enforcement; rigorous updates to rodent control, on-farm, and packing center protocols; and the Lion training passport. While still primarily a food safety code, animal welfare standards have also been included. Version 8 is published online, allowing for future amendments to be made and distributed electronically.

The British Lion mark gives businesses and enforcement officers certainty that the eggs are safe, even if lightly cooked or raw. It is also a mark of quality, authenticity, provenance, biosecurity and animal welfare standards.

To access the new Code, Lion registered sites should visit www.LionCodeofPractice.co.uk to fill in and submit their registration details.