AMETEK MOCON® has expanded its versatile portfolio of permeation analyzers with the introduction of the new HR model to the OX-TRAN® 2/28 instrument series.

In 2020, AMETEK MOCON introduced the 2/28 H, a high-throughput oxygen permeation analyzer featuring a unique four-cell capability, patented COULOX® Sensor, and fully automated temperature and flow controls. For QA/QC labs performing frequent Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) tests, the 2/28 reduces testing time, simplifies workflow and enables more repeatable results. The 2/28 H was designed for dry testing conditions, with a set relative humidity (RH) of 0 percent.

Some labs, however, need to more closely match environmental conditions or previous testing data when conducting OTR analysis. To better serve these customers, AMETEK MOCON has expanded the OX-TRAN 2/28 to include the 2/28 HR model, which allows precise control of RH for test gas.

The HR model was developed at the request of several customers who wanted the high-throughput benefits of the 2/28 with the added flexibility of humidity testing. The ability to exactly match RH enables more consistent data and better confidence in results.

Both instruments share ease-of-use and automated testing features, including software additions to improve laboratory efficiency. The QC test mode simplifies routine testing for operators, while the conditioning test mode decreases overall testing time. A four-cell capability and a range of specialized accessory cartridge options improve throughput and allow labs to test unique packaging. These settings and accessories can dramatically increase the efficiency and overall testing capacity of a lab, ideal for the busy QC lab supporting production operations.