Multi-Conveyor recently built a series of four plastic belt conveyors designed to gap, rotate, transport, and right angle-transfer single-lane, wrapped, corrugated trays of canned goods.

Multi-Conveyor’s trays discharge wide-side, leading from an existing heat tunnel onto the first conveyor, increasing the gap between trays to prepare for a tray rotation ahead.  A consecutive dual-lane, product-turning conveyor then rotates the trays by 90 degrees to reorient product so that it is narrow side-leading. This rotation allows an existing labeler to apply labels on the wide side of the flats. Trays then smoothly transfer onto the third transport belt in continual motion.

Finally, the fourth conveyor transfers the trays at a right angle, utilizing a servo-driven overhead transfer device. Each tray is conveyed to a predetermined point, where they are identified and “pushed” or “swept” at a right angle, one tray at a time, again changing product orientation by 90 degrees.

The 60 tray per minute pusher assembly device uses logic controls, product detection, and in-feed sensors for the perfect transfer to feed the palletizer ahead. Polycarbonate guarding was furnished around the pusher transfer assembly for operator safety.

Also included are options for two additional powered conveyors, to be added at a later date.