Multi-Conveyor recently built a food conveyor system that is multi-sectional, stainless steel, and washdown rated, and features 24VDC motor driven roller (MDR). Multi-Conveyor builds custom, wash down, or sanitary 24VDC motor driven roller systems on an individual project basis.

The new system is a combination of straight-running and curved MDR with an incorporated 90° case turner and pop-up reject section, and it was built for a customer that required maximum product flow control. Multi-Conveyor’s electrical team used photo eyes and reflectors across incremental targeted locations to precisely detect and engage product stop and start motion.

In a video demonstrating the conveyor, one box of product is removed to show how the system senses the opening, then triggers prior sections of MDR to activate and move product forward to close the gap. Likewise, a guiderail prevents the product from going beyond the conveyor frame, providing even more control.

24VDC power supplies and drive cards are housed in stainless steel boxes mounted on roller conveyor frames. Each drive card controls two drive rollers—one per section. The drive cards operate using standard accumulation logic, allowing the conveyor zones to remain full during production.

A seamless transfer of boxes occurs from the roller section to a 90° dual strand or dual lane case turner. Opposing belt speeds rotate cases to be accepted into an elevator ahead for where cases are lifted onto a palletizer.