TraceGains has announced Regulatory Global, a new module for its Networked Ingredient Marketplace that enables food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies to mitigate risks inherent to international markets. Regulatory Global provides a central source of data for more than 200,000 international laws to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) professionals ensure compliance.

Navigating regulations across multiple jurisdictions is an increasingly difficult task, even in a single market. For businesses operating, exporting, or importing globally, the responsibility and complexity increase exponentially. Regulatory Global is intended to be a tool for international businesses amid an increasingly crowded marketplace and growing global demand for environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) -related compliance.

SGS Digicomply, the authoritative data source for global regulatory data, powers TraceGains Regulatory Global. Together, TraceGains and SGS Digicomply provide crucial horizon scanning and other critical data, and the latest expansion of the partnership further helps organizations navigate global regulatory concerns. By combining the global reach and insight of SGS Digicomply with the ability of TraceGains to make ingredient-level data relevant and contextual, the partnership has resulted in a tool that increases ingredient agility and helps users build a better global supply chain.

Fully integrated with TraceGains Gather, Regulatory Global makes sourcing materials and developing products for international distribution safer and faster, with coverage of more than 200,000 regulations across 237 countries, regions, and territories. Features include:

  • Customizable filters: With regulatory data from around the world, users can search for specific regulations using highly customizable filters, quickly identifying regulations about ingredients or materials of interest
  • Consolidated country guides: Consolidated country guides provide global operators with the industry’s most comprehensive toolkit for country-specific market expansion in more than 160 jurisdictions
  • ESG guidance: Companies pursuing ESG initiatives can access global regulations as they emerge, enabling market leadership and competitive advantage in the emerging ESG arena. 

TraceGains Regulatory Global is available as a data add-on to TraceGains Enterprise Suite. 

Additionally, on March 23, 2023 at 10 A.M. MST, TraceGains and SGS Digicomply will hold a webinar featuring a larger discussion on achieving compliance objectives.