On December 20, 2022, FSIS announced that January 1, 2026 will be the uniform compliance date for new meat and poultry product labeling regulations published January 1, 2023–December 31, 2024.

Since 2004, FSIS has set uniform compliance dates for new labeling regulations in two-year increments and issued final rules announcing and requesting comments on those dates. Two-year increments increase industry’s ability to make orderly adjustments to new labeling requirements without exposing consumers to outdated labels. This approach allows meat and poultry producers to plan for the use of label inventories and to develop new labeling materials that meet the new requirements. It also serves to reduce the economic impact of changing labels on both producers and consumers.

Interested persons may submit comments on the new uniform compliance date by January 19, 2023. Please view the final rule in the Federal Register for more details and instructions on how to submit comments.