Salvus LLC recently showcased its new facility, expanded capabilities, and research developments during an open house and media day in Valdosta, Georgia.

Projections for the new facility include supporting an additional 50–75 employees in the fields of science, engineering, biology, technology, and precision manufacturing over the next three years based on needs and ramp-up speed with partner companies. The new facility features multiple lab areas to develop, produce, and run assays, as well as manufacturing and packaging space.

 Salvus™ Detection Technology is the world’s first handheld chemical and biological interferometric detector. The technology can rapidly identify chemical and biological substances in liquid, air, or surface environments at detection levels consistent with other standard methodologies. The first Salvus analyzer is a handheld device that can be fit with one of two types of cartridges: a discreet sample cartridge, or a flow monitoring cartridge for applications where ongoing monitoring is required. The cartridges contain a waveguide that can be imprinted with multiple receptors, which may include antibody, antigen, aptamer, RNA, DNA, or molecularly imprinted polymer. Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) entered a cooperative research and development agreement with Salvus to explore agricultural and food safety applications of the technology.

Salvus continues to pursue potential partners with detection needs across industry sectors, and the new facility provides expanded capacity for all aspects of development, testing, and commercialization.