Save Foods Inc., an agrifood technology company, recently announced a new partnership with Korair, which, together with Accentis group, will introduce Save Foods’ services to Morocco. Morocco is a major exporter of fruits and vegetables worldwide, delivering an estimated 60 percent (€1.9 billion annually) of its agricultural exports to the EU.

According to Save Foods, pesticide residues are one of the main challenges of global agricultural trade, especially when importing to the EU. Using Save Foods’ treatments that reduce the use of pesticides will increase the safety of exported Moroccan foods and ensure that Moroccan produce can enter the EU. At present, post-harvest losses in Morocco are estimated at between 20 to 40 percent, and Save Foods believes it can be part of the solution to the problem. 

Additionally, the extended shelf life provided by Save Foods’ eco crop protection treatment offers growers, retailers, and consumers a wider window to transport, sell, store, and safely consume produce. Save Foods’ treatments are non-toxic and easy to apply, providing an enhanced level of food safety.

Save Foods: