Key Technology, a designer and manufacturer of automation systems, has introduced its VERYX® digital sorters for fresh-cut, hydroponically grown leafy greens. VERYX sorters integrate with Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyors to find and remove defective product and foreign material, improving product quality while increasing yield.

According to a Key representative, hydroponic greens are a premium product that typically cost two to three times more than traditional, field-raised greens. Therefore, hydroponic growers must consistently achieve the highest quality to meet consumers’ expectations. 

VERYX is the only belt-fed leafy greens sorter that can inspect product entirely in-air, using top and bottom sensors that can see all sides of a product with no blind spots. Analyzing the color, size, and shape of every object in the product stream allows VERYX to remove imperfect greens. 

To better identify difficult-to-detect foreign materials and defects, VERYX can be equipped with Key’s proprietary Pixel Fusion™ technology. The Pixel Fusion technology combines pixel-level input from multiple cameras and laser scanners to create a “signature” for each type of substance in the product stream. 

Engineered for easy cleaning and sanitization, VERYX features an open design, sloped surfaces, and minimally exposed fastener threads. Fast and accurate recipe-driven changeovers maximize production versatility and uptime while ensuring repeatable results. 

Key also equips VERYX with its Discovery™ suite of software capabilities. This enables the sorter to collect, analyze, and share data, revealing trends that can improve sorting and help control upstream and downstream processes. 

Key can integrate VERYX with Iso-Flo infeed and collection conveyors to gently move product and preserve its integrity while maximizing sort accuracy. Since greens tend to overlap and clump, the specialized infeed monolayers effectively present product to the sorter’s inspection zone. VERYX can also be integrated with application-specific Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors that dewater, transfer, or separate hydroponic greens by density prior to sorting, as well as with belt feed conveyors to move product downstream to packaging.   

Key Technology: