Renaissance BioScience Corp., a global bioengineering company, recently received new patent allowances and grants for its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing yeast (ARY) from regulatory authorities in China, Russia, India, Australia, and Vietnam. These five new ARY patent grants and allowances join previously issued patents from the U.S., Japan, Indonesia, Chile, and Colombia, with patents pending in multiple additional markets.  

Renaissance BioScience CEO and CSO, Dr. John Husnik, commented on the newly granted patents, “As an intellectual property-focused company, we are pleased to receive the new patent grants and allowances in the major markets of China, Russia, India, Australia and Vietnam. These new patents join those already granted or pending in other major markets around the world, to protect the use of our acrylamide-reducing yeast in many different and important food manufacturing applications.”

He added, “Acrylamide is a carcinogen of global concern—especially for children, who tend to consume more than adults due to their daily diet of many common foods that unfortunately contain this carcinogen (crackers, bread, cookies, cereals, and the like). We are especially pleased that our acrylamide-reducing yeast is finding acceptance and being commercialized by food manufacturers in markets all around the world with a mandate to reduce the presence of this contaminant in their products.”

Update, November 11, 2023: Renaissance BioScience has been granted patents for its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing yeast from regulatory authorities in Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Ukraine, and South Africa.