Nuno Soares is an author, consultant, and trainer in food safety with more than 21 years of background in the food industry as a food safety/quality and plant manager. He works exclusively to help food safety professionals achieve a more fulfilled career based on improving knowledge, improving competencies, and a growth mindset.

He is also the founder of the initiative "The Why of Food Safety—I'm an SLO (Saving Lives Officer)" and he’s the author of several books and articles on food safety namely Food Safety in the Seafood Industry.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Nuno [19:46] about:

  • Being a Saving Lives Officer for food safety
  • Find Your Why
  • The role of human behavior in food safety culture
  • How to use your passion and expertise to drive food safety
  • Empowering food employees
  • The SLO mindset
  • Emotion, Reason, Psychological Safety, Efficient Communication
  • Lean HACCP
  • The importance of continuous improvement, learning, and training
  • Combatting waste
  • 5S: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain
  • A day in the life: New perspectives
  • Prioritizing food safety

Nuno Soares References:
Man’s Search for MeaningThink Link a Monk, FSSC & ISO 2200 Blueprint Course

News and Resources:
FDA Tests Nationally Distributed Processed Foods, Finds Almost No Evidence of PFAS [2:00]
Larry Keener: The Growing Challenge of Safe Water for Use in Food Processing Operations

Bob Ferguson, Strategic Consulting, Food Safety Insights [10:55]
Food Safety Insights: 5 Years Later, Part 1

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