CM Systems LLC (ComplianceMate®) has announced the release of the latest version of its ComplianceMate Food Safety and Back of House Operations software system. This latest release utilizes CM's decade of experience in automated temperature sensors, workflow checklists, and robust reporting capabilities, continuing activities to enhance systems and support foodservice.

The ComplianceMate system supports the challenges of increasing costs, labor shortages, and turnover, as well as the unique needs in the new era of food safety. This release has been installed in virtually all existing customer locations in over 25 countries worldwide.

The release enhances the user experience and includes a host of new features that allows both customers and the industry at large to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology.

The ComplianceMate system continues its history of creating comprehensive foodservice software and contains a number of enhancements, including security, hierarchical views, and alerting.  

Steve Getraer, President of CM Systems, said that the new version continues [the company's] long history of innovation and of ensuring that [it] meets and exceeds customer needs. This release follows the recent announcement by the company of its latest grant of patents by the U.S. Patent office.  

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