Vidya Ananth is VP of Food Safety at Novolyze, where she leads Food Safety and Quality and its digitalization, Application Support and Customer Success. As you are about to hear, she is extremely knowledgeable and has some great advice and thoughts to help you move forward with digitalizing your processes.

Vidya has been in the food industry for over 25 years working with General Mills, The National Food Lab, Safeway, Clorox, and Kohana Coffee - making significant contributions in the areas of food safety, quality and regulatory affairs with a main goal to bend the curve of food borne illness globally. 

Vidya has helped small and large companies build effective Food Safety and Quality systems using risk-based prevention strategies and has helped build the food safety culture within these organizations. 

Vidya received her BS in Biology and Chemistry from Delhi University. She received her MS in Food Microbiology from Iowa State University and holds certifications in HACCP, PCQI, FSVP, SQF, Internal audits, and a Diamond leadership program certificate.

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In this BONUS episode of Food Safety Matters we Vidya Ananth about:

• Biggest changes to food safety in the past 25 years

• What food safety-related changes will the industry take hold in the near future

• The importance of digitalizing food safety processes 

• The role FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint will have on digitalization

• What digitalization looks like when applied to food safety and quality

• Taking a holistic approach to digitalization 

• The impact digitalization has on food plants

• Novolyze’s journey to digitalization 

• Digitalization’s impact on sanitation and environmental monitoring

• Next steps the food industry should be taking to maximize digitalization

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