Bayzi Corporation has developed the cleaning technology needed to quickly fight the spread of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 as well as bacteria, fungi, bed bugs and biofilms. They manufacture antimicrobial steam devices that will very quickly eliminate microbes, bugs and also provide a quick way to clean dust and grease. The machines use just water and no chemicals producing self-drying high temperature steam.

The patented line of antimicrobial steam cleaners called SaniZap safely sanitize almost any surface, leaving no residue, moisture or harmful chemicals. The process is expected to be 600 times faster than chemical sanitization, making it ideal for following CDC guidelines that call for frequent sanitization. “There was so much interest in portable high temperature steam devices due to the pandemic that our team pulled these products from the backburner and has been working hard to make this technology and the products available quickly,” said Anu Vissa, CEO of Bayzi.

The portable equipment is available in different models to accommodate a range of facilities and price points. The SaniZap®-1 is a handheld unit, and the SaniZap®-4 is a versatile multipurpose cleaning workhorse on wheels with a lot more power. It can be used at lower steam temperatures with soap or detergent to quickly clean visible dirt and grime and can also be used at higher steam temperatures for anti-microbial sanitizing.  Early models have been used in food processing industry.

  • Chemicals generally reduce or eliminate specific microbes. Steam covers a broad range.
  • No fumes, odors, sticky residues, or accumulating residues and toxicity.
  • ‘No-Contact’ method, is self-drying and requires no wiping, reducing waste.
  • Reduce cross contamination.
  • Allows Increase frequency of sanitizing as recommended by CDC, especially of critical areas.
  • Safe for use around food, reducing exposure to chemicals.
  • Green method – safe for the environment.

Savings. SaniZap can be worked into any sanitizing regimen as addition or replacement to an existing cleaning rotation. Savings include no additional chemicals or towels to purchase, no ‘wiping-down’ labor, reduced waste, and increased productivity as there is no need to ‘wait-out’ chemical application. Ideal for food processing equipment and service areas.

SaniZap models may be pre-ordered by contacting

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