World Waters, LLC is initiating a voluntary recall of certain lots of Cold Pressed Juice Watermelon WTRMLN WTR Original 12 packs due to the potential presence of soft plastic that may be loosely floating in some of the finished products. The product subject to this voluntary recall is found below.

The company urges consumers to check the package prior to consumption. While no adverse events associated with the products have been reported to date, the presence of the plastic could potentially be a choking hazard. Accordingly, out of an abundance of caution and to ensure consumer safety, the company is recalling the products to the retail and consumer level.

Specific information regarding the recalled products is as follows:

Description Lot#
Watermelon Flavor AC02919
Watermelon Flavor AW00219
Watermelon Flavor AW00319
Watermelon Flavor AW00419
Watermelon Flavor AW00719
Watermelon Flavor AW00919
Watermelon Flavor AW01019
Watermelon Flavor AW01419
Watermelon Flavor AW01619
Watermelon Flavor AW01719
Watermelon Flavor AW01819
Watermelon Flavor AW02419
Watermelon Flavor AW34618
Watermelon Flavor AW34718
Watermelon Flavor AW35318
Watermelon Flavor AW35418
Watermelon Flavor AW36018
Watermelon Flavor AW36118


These products can be identified by the main label on the bottle and the lot number that is printed on the bottom of the bottle. The products were sent to customers nationwide for distribution via retail sales from December 22, 2018–February 5, 2019.

World Waters will provide consumers a coupon for replacement product upon proof of purchase. Consumers seeking replacement product or with questions regarding this recall can contact World Waters by calling Customer Service at 1-800-981-8973 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST or emailing the company at