CTC Plastics--a manufacturer of strong, lightweight thermoplastic composite pallets--has announced the expansion of its line of reusable, stackable plastic pallets made from 100 percent recycled plastic.                                        

CTC’s “XTreme Stack-R” is a standard 48” x 40” lightweight pallet weighing approximately 22 lbs with assembled runners. It is manufactured from a customized blend of 100 percent recycled plastic allowing the pallet to have more durability, better safety and higher return on investment long term.                    

CTC'S one-way export pallet provides a low cost shipping alternative to wood, making them popular for international shipments. CTC’S heavy duty reusable pallet is designed for durability and provides a long service life allowing a perfect fit for industries including grocery, retail, agricultural and export.                    

The new stackable pallet is lightweight and easy to handle. It does not have nails, splinters or broken boards to risk employee injury. CTC Pallets are resistant to pest infestation mold and mildew. The Xtreme Stack-R is available with and without the runners that can be shipped assembled or non-assembled allowing the buyer to take advantage of transportation savings of shipping a nestable pallet.       

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