This week, Food Safety Magazine launched the second episode of our new Food Safety Matters Podcast. In this installment, our editorial director interviews our friend Larry Keener on emerging technologies in the food safety industry

If you are not familiar with Keener and his work, you are in for a real treat. Keener is currently the vice president and co-chair of the Austrian-based Global Harmonization Initiative, an organization founded in 2004 to promote harmonization of food safety legislation and regulations. He is also president and chief executive officer of Seattle-based International Product Safety Consultants, Inc.—a global leader in providing food safety and food technology solutions to the food processing industry for a broad client base of Fortune 500 food companies, academic research institutes and government agencies. 

Among his many other accolades, Keener is a long time member of Food Safety Magazine’s editorial advisory board.

Besides an eye-opening conversation with Keener, this episode also includes exclusive industry updates from another dear friend of ours—Bob Ferguson—author of Food Safety Magazine’s ongoing Food Safety Insights column.

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