This week, The Wendy’s Company released its 2016 update on significant corporate social responsibility initiatives, including plans for continued progress in 2017. In terms of food safety, Wendy’s says they have made significant strides in the following respects:

Implements a Supplier Code of Conduct
The Wendy's Supplier Code of Conduct was rolled out in early 2016 to the nearly 300 suppliers that provide food, paper and packaging to the Wendy's U.S. system, and includes suppliers based in the U.S. and internationally. Wendy's achieved 100% acknowledgement of the Code by May 2016 and requires an annual reaffirmation. Looking ahead: the Company will continue to expand the Supplier Code of Conduct to incorporate evolving best practices in the U.S. and internationally related to environmental and social responsibility, and to include additional categories of suppliers such as professional service providers.

Strengthens Antibiotics Policy
Building on a multi-year effort to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics in its supply chain, Wendy's made a commitment to remove antibiotics important to human health from its chicken supply by the end of 2017, while remaining committed to the necessary treatment of sick animals. To date, 50% of the Wendy's U.S. chicken supply is raised without medically important antibiotics. Looking ahead: the Company will transition 100% of its chicken supply to be raised without medically important antibiotics, and will announce specific commitments for pork and beef in 2017.  

Celebrates 15 Years of Industry-Leading Animal Welfare Council
In 2001, Wendy's formed its Animal Welfare Advisory Council to review and strengthen standards and expectations for animal handling, transport and care from suppliers. Throughout the years, many aspects of those standards were shared and adopted industry wide. To date, Wendy's has conducted more than 1,300 audits and celebrated the Council's 15th year in 2016. Also in 2016, Quality Supply Chain Co-op, Inc., Wendy's independent cooperative, which conducts all food, paper and packaging purchasing for Wendy's restaurants in North America, welcomed Dr. Henry Zerby to its leadership team. Dr. Zerby was formerly the Chair of the Department of Animal Sciences at Ohio State University and an external advisor to the Wendy's Animal Welfare Council. Looking ahead: Wendy's intends to continue to strengthen the scope and technical expertise of its Animal Welfare Council. Wendy's partners with academic and industry experts who share in the same conviction and commitment to the well-being of farm animals and in 2017 will deepen their participation in ongoing animal welfare programs, quarterly welfare council meetings and future initiatives.

Furthers Progress on Cage-Free Egg Commitment
In January 2016, Wendy's announced plans to switch to a 100% cage-free housing environment for eggs by 2020. Looking ahead: In 2017, Wendy's will continue the journey toward 100% cage-free egg purchasing and will evaluate other evolving best practices for poultry housing.

Joins the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
With a commitment to serve only fresh, never frozen* North American beef, Wendy's has long partnered with innovators and leaders throughout the beef industry to advance responsible practices in animal production, health and welfare. In 2016, Wendy's joined the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to continue to serve as a thought leader with an active voice in discussions about the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the U.S. beef industry. Looking ahead: Wendy's will serve as an active member of the Roundtable and will report regularly on efforts to advance sustainability efforts throughout the U.S. beef supply chain.

See the company’s entire corporate responsibility and sustainability progress report at

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