ISOThrive LLC, developer of the world’s first concentrated prebiotic soluble fiber derived through a natural fermentation process, has announced that research studies performed at the University of Georgia, Louisiana State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Center showed that ISOThrive supplementation effectively reduced antibiotic-resistant salmonella in chickens by 99 percent.

Designed to feed the gut’s beneficial bacteria to support digestive function and immune support, ISOThrive prebiotic also acts as a natural, simple and inexpensive way to protect commercially raised chickens from key antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Beyond the human benefits its product provides, research was conducted to determine if its properties would benefit humans by helping protect farm animals.

Research shows significant decrease in salmonella: Research was conducted using young broiler chickens, comparing standard chicken feed with ISOThrive-supplemented feed. The results showed a significantly higher level of healthful gut bacteria and a reduction of antibiotic resistant salmonella by 99 percent in the chickens fed with ISOThrive.

Lowers costs and reduces risk of food recalls: Feed supplemented with ISOThrive could reduce the cost of antibiotic use and loss of livestock for farmers. Chicken processors could decrease the risk of recalls due to food-borne pathogens and cross-contamination while providing a safer environment for their workers.