The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides scientific opinions and advice that form the basis of European policies and legislation on food safety. The agency is currently in the process of changing and broadening its approach to stakeholder engagement. As such, EFSA is inviting eligible parties to register as official EFSA stakeholders.

What groups and organizations can become EFSA stakeholders?

  • Consumer organizations
  • Environmental/health nongovernmental organizations and advocacy groups
  • Farmers and primary producers
  • Business and food industry associations
  • Distributors and HORECA (businesses that prepare and serve food and drinks)
  • Practitioners’ associations (eg. vets and medics)
  • Academia

To register as a stakeholder, interested bodies must meet certain criteria. Organizations must be legally established in the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area and active at EU level. However, organizations that do not fall into this category can still seek to support and guide EFSA through their relevant EU-level body.

Interested bodies are encouraged to apply early via You can also view the full eligibility criteria at

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