AIB International has announced the release of an updated version for the Consolidated Standards for Inspection of Beverage Facilities.                        

The Consolidated Standards for Inspection--the company’s globally-recognized standards for inspection--are key requirements that facilities must meet to ensure their products are wholesome and safe. These standards are used by AIB International’s trained food safety professionals as a guide for GMP Inspections, and Inspection Only.                       

“Our programs, especially Consolidated Standards Inspections enable your food safety programs to reach their highest potential. This update will help you minimize your risk of food safety issues and exceed a customer’s expectations for providing wholesome and safe product,” says Stephanie Lopez, vice president for Food Safety Services, Americas.           

AIB International offer 10 different Consolidated Standards for Inspection, each tailored to specific industry segment requirements. They are updating some Standards this year and others in 2017. Each will be implemented in year following the release, so you will have time to prepare.                        

“We have prepared a webinar and other guidance documents to provide you with the most comprehensive help to ensure your products are safe and wholesome for all,” says Elina Zerva, Global Innovation Manager for AIB International.

The Standard is available for purchase at