Del Monte Foods is making the transition to food packaging that no longer contains bisphenol A (BPA)--a chemical that is used to harden plastic products. Simultaneously, Del Monte has also announced plans to expand their line of food products that do not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). Both plans are in response to growing consumer demand for safer products and more transparency.

In a statement, Del Monte says, “These actions reflect our ongoing commitment to providing high quality fruit, vegetables and tomatoes, and meeting evolving consumer preferences. Our non-GMO and non-BPA milestones are the direct result of great dedication and major contributions from many people inside Del Monte as well as our suppliers and other partners.”

From May through October of 2016, Del Monte’s fruit and tomato products--and nearly all of the brand’s vegetable products--will convert to BPA-free linings.

In terms of GMOs, Del Monte’s fruits, vegetables and tomatoes have always been non-GMO, according to the company. However, some ingredients for sweeteners and flavorings have been sourced from GMO crops such as soybeans or corn. This year will begin the transition of non-GMO ingredients in Del Monte’s entire product line--154 products total. The company says that their GMO-free products will be clearly labeled.

The conversion to non-BPA packaging and non-GMO ingredients mark the latest developments in Del Monte’s Quality Journey, a multidimensional initiative encompassing product and packaging innovation, strategic partnerships, sustainability programs and improved farming practices.

This month alone, multiple companies have made announcements regarding their reduced usage of GMOs labeling and BPA. Among them are Campbell Soup, Con Agra, Kellogg's and Mars, and General Mills.

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