Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced the release of its new ECD-2010 Exceed electron capture detector (ECD). The detector features a newly designed capillary ECD cell that uses Shimadzu’s contact-free technology. Contact-free technology reduces the effect that a dirty sample matrix can have on the detector’s radioactive source. This makes the new ECD-2100 Exceed the detector of choice when performing gas chromatography testing on environmental samples like polychlorinated biphenyl analysis in soil or when analyzing other difficult matrices.

Shimadzu’s contact-free technology is made possible by a unique flow design. The design of this new ECD cell utilizes a sweep gas that effectively minimizes contact of the sample with the detector source while at the same time facilitating the detection process. The result is a longer lasting ECD that will increase the productivity of your lab with more uptime between maintenance cleaning.

The sensitivity of the new detector has also been enhanced by this design. The new specification is 4 fg per second with a dynamic range of 1x105 for gamma-BHC.

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