China is currently recognizing Food Safety Publicity Week--a nationwide campaign aimed at “rebuilding public confidence in food safety”. China’s Food Safety Publicity Week has been observed annually since 2011.

China’s vice premier Wang Yang says, “China is a big country of food production and consumption. Violations of food safety law are still rampant in the current stage. The newly revised food safety law is the starting point of our actions. We should ensure the food safety of our people with the most rigorous standards, the most stringent regulation, heaviest penalties for offenders and the most serious accountability system.”

In April, China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress voted to amend the country’s Food Safety Law which will go into effect on October 1. The amendment is said to enforce China’s toughest laws on food safety to date, aimed at enforcing stricter punishments for violations as well as more stringent rules and regulations regarding infant formula.

China has experienced a number of food safety scandals over the years, ultimately losing the confidence of consumers both domestically and internationally. These new food safety efforts are part of China’s attempt to improve an already poor food safety reputation that has included the distribution and sale of contaminated meat and infant formula--the latter of which caused six infant deaths in 2008. China’s food safety scandals have involved major brands such as McDonald’s and Walmart.