The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released four inspection reports of Blue Bell Creameries facilities from 2007 to 2012 after a records request by the media was granted. These reports--which show a multitude of problems--are in addition to previously released inspection data collected before and after Blue Bell’s ice cream recall issued in March.

This new set of reports include inspections at Blue Bell’s plants in Brenham, TX and Broken Arrow, OK, along with two of the company’s warehouses in Houston and San Antonio.

These reports do not show that Listeria was found at Blue Bell’s plants at the time, but they do show a number of food safety violations noted by Texas health officials. The reports outline proof of condensation dripping onto ice cream ingredients right before packaging and shipping in 2009 at the Brenham plant. Later in 2012, an employee at the Broken Arrow plant was seen handling food and food contact surfaces after scratching his head and adjusting his clothing.

Blue Bell spokesperson Joe Robertson told the Dallas Morning News, “Blue Bell has a long history of working cooperatively with regulatory agencies; we take inspections seriously and make corrections to improve our operations based on findings in those inspections. Blue Bell is currently in the midst of a comprehensive review of all our operations, policies, employee training and cleaning procedures to help give regulatory agencies and the public confidence that when our products return to market, they will be safe.”

To date, Blue Bell’s Listeria contaminated ice cream products have caused 10 hospitalizations in four states, in addition to three deaths, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Blue Bell’s operations are at a standstill--the only products in production are strictly for testing purposes. Due to lack of work, the company announced that layoffs and furloughs will occur. It will likely be “several months” before Blue Bell products are back on store shelves, according to CEO Paul Kruse.