EMD Millipore’s Readybag pouches with granulated culture media are now available in larger pack sizes to enable pathogen testing of composite food samples. Composite samples are larger than traditional food samples and therefore require the addition of more culture media before incubation. The Readybag pouches are now available in 86 gram packs for testing of Salmonella in 375 gr/ml samples and 63 gram packs for testing of Listeria in 125 gr/ml samples. Both Readybag pouches are also available in packs for standard 25 gr/ml samples.

The pre-weighed, gamma-irradiated pouches eliminate all media preparation steps and reduce typical sample preparation time by more than 50 percent. Readybag granulated media pouches do not require capital equipment costs and involve less labor than both high efficiency and traditional methods for sterile media creation. Performance tests confirm that Readybag media provides similar results compared to non-irradiated, autoclaved culture media.

The ISO EN 11133 compliant Readybag pouches have a shelf life of three years compared to three months for self-prepared media, reducing costs and waste associated with media storage. In addition, the Readybag enrichment media come in a soluble granulated format, which unlike powdered media, compact fine particles into small, uniform granules, thus reducing dust generation, dispersion and the risk of inhalation of hazardous or toxic substances.

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