Dr. Randy Huffman joined Maple Leaf Foods in 2009 and currently serves as the Chief Food Safety and Sustainability Officer at the company. This role encompasses food safety and quality, occupational health, safety and security, environmental sustainability and compliance, animal care, and corporate engineering.  

Randy also leads the company's Food Safety Advisory Council, a team of external experts with the mandate to increase Maple Leaf's access to global knowledge and expertise in food safety, including best practices, regulatory compliance, microbiology, and fostering a food safety culture.

Prior to joining Maple Leaf Foods, Dr. Huffman served as President of the American Meat Institute (AMI) Foundation, as well as Senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs, for 9 years at AMI. 

Randy was previously featured in Ep. 33 of Food Safety Matters.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Randy [34:40] about:

  • Maple Leaf's initial response to COVID
  • Fighting complacency
  • Commemorating the 11th anniversary of the 2008 tragic Listeria event
  • Answering NAMI's call to share their pandemic response plan
  • Having a culture of accountability
  • Working with local, provincial, and federal agencies
  • Impact of COVID on food safety
  • Powerful connections between health and safety and food safety

News Mentioned in This Episode
FSMA Proposed Rule for Food Traceability [13:36]
Additional Resources: Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods; Proposed Rule; Public Meetings; Request for CommentsFood Traceability List, Public MeetingsPre-recorded Webinar to Discuss Food Traceability Proposed Rule
USDA's FSIS Studies: Year 3 Observational Study Consumer BehaviorsWeb-Based Survey Results

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