Seven scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are traveling to Cache County in Utah to help manage a COVID-19 outbreak at a JBS facility in Hyrum. It was announced yesterday that about one-third of all new cases in Utah could be traced back to a meat plant, which was not named at the time.

According to the local Fox News affiliate, a total of 287 positive COVID-19 cases were traced to the meat packing facility; the number could be much higher. The plant held a large testing event on May 30, and more than one-third of the 1,000-plus employees came back with positive results.

Bear River Health Department spokesman Josh Greer told the station he believes that long shifts and tight spaces helped the novel coronavirus spread in the facility and out into the community.

“It’s incredible to think of all the people who could have been exposed to this,” said Greer.

Five epidemiologists and two other scientists from the CDC will help with contact tracing and testing.

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Source: Fox 13 News