ReposiTrak has announced the addition of four major produce suppliers to the ReposiTrak Traceability Network® (RTN). The four new members will use RTN to efficiently exchange Key Data Elements (KDEs) for each Critical Tracking Event (CTE) in their supply chains, as required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Food Traceability Final Rule, ensuring compliance well before the January 2026 deadline.

The new members include:

  • A produce supplier who, for more than 165 years, has delivered upwards of 100 varieties of produce from more than 25 countries
  • A fifth-generation, Michigan-based produce supplier with more than a century of expertise in cultivating, shipping, and distributing premium-quality produce
  • A family-owned Midwest farm that has specialized in growing, packing, and shipping fresh potatoes for more than four decades
  • A Fresno, California-based fruit and vegetable company that delivers premium produce while fostering strong partnerships and upholding the highest standards of excellence for over three decades.

The ReposiTrak Traceability Network requires no additional hardware or software, and the ReposiTrak team assists in making the connections needed under the new regulation. Suppliers can connect to an unlimited number of trading partners and begin sharing data for a low, flat fee, and there is no cost to retailers.

Update, February 28, 2024: ReposiTrak has announced the addition of six additional produce companies to the ReposiTrak Traceability Network:

  • A Nebraska-based distributor, serving as a major provider of fresh produce across the Midwest for more than 87 years
  • A family-owned company in Ontario, delivering greenhouse produce across North America for more than 60 years
  • A multi-generational family company from Mexico, supplying fresh fruits and vegetables for more than 50 years
  • A California-based company offering specialty and niche produce across America since 2005
  • A Florida-based watermelon supplier, sourcing from top growers in North and Central America, serving all 50 states
  • An Iowa-based farm, specializing in hand-picked herbs cultivated in a greenhouse environment.

Update, March 5, 2024: ReposiTrak has announced the addition of ten additional produce companies to the ReposiTrak Traceability Network, from California, Minnesota, Arizona, Texas, and Florida, as well as an international operation.