Panduit Corp. recently announced the launch of its Antimicrobial Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties and Mounts—an innovative product that seamlessly integrates antimicrobial technology, metal detectability, and a distinctive blue color. This triple defense ensures a clean and safe food production environment and enables quick identification and removal from products, reducing the risk of contamination.

The ties are made with with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered antimicrobial additive that has been verified in an independent laboratory test to inhibit the growth of various bacteria, mold, and fungi per ISO 22196:2019 and ASTM G21-15 standards. Additionally, the ties are easily identifiable by metal detection equipment, minimizing the risk of foreign materials entering the production process.

The bold blue color of the cable ties and mounts ensures high visibility in processing environments, allowing for quick identification, and contributing to a seamless production process with reduced downtime. This commitment to cleanliness not only helps prevent cross-contamination but also ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Manufactured with safety regulations in mind, the cable ties and mounts comply with industry standards while ensuring that facilities using them meet necessary hygiene and safety requirements. With a durable and reliable build from high-quality materials, the Antimicrobial Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties and Mounts cater to industries that prioritize cleanliness, safety, and operational efficiency, such as food and beverage.

From securing cables in food processing lines to organizing wiring throughout a plant, the cable ties and mounts offer a reliable, identifiable, and safe solution.

Panduit Corp.: