While a standard BFM® fitting connector is fitted and removed easily without the use of any tools, the snap-band of the BFM® TR connector range is manufactured to have a much firmer fit than a standard BFM® fitting connector, making it virtually impossible to remove the connector by hand. A special TR Tool is needed to release the cuff by inserting it through a hole in the top ridge of the spigot. The TR tool should be kept secure to limit access.

If customers are still concerned about staff improvising other tools to access a TR hole in a spigot, then the TR Lock-Out Safety System is an ideal solution for additional safety backup.

A TR Lock-Out Tube is welded to the outside of the spigot over the tool release hole in the top ridge of the BFM® fitting Spigot. Any simple padlock (less than or equal to a 6.5 millimeter shackle) can then be inserted through the hole in the top and bottom of the Lock-Out tube, blocking access and making it impossible to insert anything through the TR hole without removing the padlock. Therefore, only authorized staff who hold the key or combination to the padlock can gain access to the TR hole to insert a Tool Release tool to remove the connector.

The TR Lock-Out Safety System can be purchased through BFM® fitting’s Global Distribution network and is easily retrofitted to existing BFM® Spigot installations. The solution provides greater peace of mind when it comes to protecting staff from injuring themselves in potentially harmful production environments.

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