Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it is collaborating with METTLER TOLEDO to address one of the biggest concerns in any laboratory—the error-prone nature of sample preparation. The companies’ new, integrated solution enables the automatic and seamless transfer of weighing results and associated metadata from METTLER TOLEDO LabX™ Balance software to Agilent OpenLab software.

The solution from Agilent and METTLER TOLEDO offers a fully automated, digitalized liquid chromatography (LC) or gas chromatography (GC) workflow designed to eliminate common errors in the weighing process that can lead to costly quality investigations or rework. The complete solution automatically transfers weighing results to the latest release of Sample Scheduler for Agilent OpenLab CDS. Sample Scheduler retrieves the sample and weight data from the METTLER TOLEDO LabX software and allows users to seamlessly route sample and weighing information to any instrument in the laboratory.

The new sample preparation workflow not only improves results, but also offers a digital user experience for operating chromatographic instruments. The seamless integration of balances and chromatography instruments in a digital, automated sample preparation and analysis process allows for a drastic reduction—or even elimination—of transcription and calculation errors, significantly increasing lab productivity. Agilent and METTLER TOLEDO believe that their solution will accelerate the digital transformation of laboratories.